Gas boiler and system servicing.

If you are worried about gas safety in your home, S P Corke can carry out a gas safety inspection and test all of your gas appliances  and pipework checking for leaks and carbon monoxide.  Servicing and inspection can be carried out on just the boiler or as required the whole heating and/or plumbing system.  For further details please email or call Steve on 07774420409 or 01787 319541  

 Annual gas boiler & heating system servicing

 It is important to make sure your boiler and central heating system is fully prepared for the winter months. The points listed below cover the main areas that are checked by a fully qualified Gas safe registered Engineer subject to a CPA (combustion performance analysis) during an annual service:

  • Flue ways and terminals
  • Ventilation provision
  • Gas pressure and heat input
  • All safety devices
  • The following boiler components:
  • Heat exchangers
  • Burners
  • Combustion fan
  • Seals (gas and water)
  • Ignition system
  • Performance test (on all boilers with a suitable test point or accessible flue terminal).

 Home buyers/sellers plumbing & heating report

 SP Corke can provide you with a detailed report on

the condition of the boiler,hot and cold water storage, radiators, controls and valves etc.

I will provide you with an estimate to correct any faults/problems and advise of any controls and recommendations regarding energy saving.

This will allow you to be more prepared before buying your new house and help to prevent any unexpected extra costs involved with the plumbing, heating and gas system If selling your current house you can provide extra peace of mind for prospective buyers.

 Landlord’s Gas Safety Record (CP12).

 By law all landlords are responsible for the safety of their tenants. All landlords must ensure that gas appliances are working correctly and guard against the dangers of carbon monoxide poisoning. Landlords must ensure all gas appliances are serviced regularly and Gas Safety Inspection is carried out annually. SP Corke can carry out a Gas safety inspection for your property, test all appliances for gas soundness, pressure at test points if available. burner pressure / gas rate, satisfactory ventilation, test flue flow characteristics, flame failure device effectiveness, presence and effectiveness of stability brackets and appliances installed to manufacturers safety requirements. After which I will provide you with a Gas Safety Certificate